With the dissertation out of the way and the foundation research and dossier complete, its now time to begin the arduous task of making my graduate project idea a reality. This blog will act as a place to chart my explorations and findings as I continue to develop/ hone my idea and eventually realise the project for the end exhibition.

The purpose of this section in the blog is to chart the development of my project from the initual pitch until the exhibition. It is a place to for me to organise my thoughts and feelings and express this as the work evolves.

The project I proposed is titled “Gormley to Glitch” and is a projection mapping installation. The idea was to combine sculptural forms inspired by the works of Antony Gormley with glitch art to explore the physicality of the digital medium. The dossier mapping the development of this work can be found here (4.5mb).

The challenge now is to develop this further: shifting away from a reliance on Gormley towards something more original, creative and unique. As I lack any formal training in fine art, this part will be the most difficult. It will requre coming up with ideas which are less linear, less predictable. I need to take a step sideways (perhaps into another dimension) not forward. In the coming weeks I plan to try and find this inspiration from within, avoiding conventional sources of inspiration to come up with something original.