For my first prototype I looked at a range of Gormley sculptures to be inspired by their form. From here I moved into Cinema4D to create a scale 3D model of what I wanted to build to try it out. I want the models be the same height as me and the 3D model made reflects this. As this is a prototype I made it at 1/2 scale to save on material. The physical model was made out of 5mm foam board which was glued together.

At this stage my focus is on the physical models as this is the part which will be the most difficult for me in the project. I am also trying to construct a decent workflow for this so I can setup and get the project running as quickly and easily as possible. At the moment I am using After Effects to render some glitchy videos, then placing those into VDMX. I’m using VDMX so that I could potentially add interactivity in the future and also distort the videos further making them look more glitchy. I then syphon out to Madmapper and then map it onto the model.

Current Challenges

  • Every time I move the projector or model I have to re-map and mask the image all over again. I don’t think this is avoidable but I need to find out if I can do it faster.
  • Originally I planned to have the projector mounted on the ceiling, however having these sculptures mapped right down to the floor I don’t think this is feasible (and I can’t test ceiling mounting in my bedroom). In the future I will need to experiment with projector placement
  • Foamboard is quite expensive and I don’t think it has the structural integrity to withstand being a full kurt-sized model. I will need to find a new material I can use for the models which are sturdier.


  • How could I experiment further with the form?
  • What if the boxes were at different angles rather than all forward facing?
  • Could I add texture or use different materials to explore the effects?

Prototype one made in Cinema4D

Prototype one half scale model

VDMX Project

Mapping in Madmapper

Final mapped model