Last weekend I came up with my concept of the uncanny and presented it to my tutor and peers to get some feedback. Luckily the idea went down a treat which means I can sleep a bit easier at night and not stress about coming up with a concept. This part has been the most challenging so far as we haven’t been trained in art or art history so it is quite far out of the norm of what we’re used to. However the next challenge, will probably be even harder.

Now that I have my direction, I can begin with the arduous task of designing and somehow actually building the sculptures. Up to this point, I’ve just been building scale models out of foamboard. However from working with foamboard, I’m having doubts about its strength when it comes to full size models. Well, I think it would be suitable for the lying sculpture, and perhaps even the sitting sculpture but for the standing I don’t think it will work as the foamboard isn’t strong enough, and I’d like all three (preferably) to be made of the same material.

The sculptures are large, and there’s three of them, therefore I need to find a material which is strong but low cost. I also really need something that is easy to work with as I am quite poorly equipped for building physical works at the moment. I have spoken to the technicians in the sci-tech workshops however they’re unable to provide me any space or access to the tools as they’re needed for people on scitech courses (which is entirely reasonable). This leaves me in quite a difficult position.

I’ve had a few ideas so far on how I could do it. The best two at the moment are using either MDF or balsa wood. MDF would work well as it is low cost and easy to work with (if I had the tools). The biggest issue here is getting the MDF cut to size as I am going to need A LOT of rectangle cut. Even then I would need to assemble and clamp them to make the blocks needed. The other alternative is balsa as it is very lightweight, relatively low cost (not as low as MDF) and easy to work with. I have found a few places online which sell it in blocks. I could therefore design the sculptures around the dimensions of these blocks and do it this way. But this will definitely be far more expensive, and even I may need to resize the blocks, make them smaller, or combine them to make them larger and will need to assemble them to make the models.

Another of the many issues is transportation. These are going to be big, Kurt-sized models and not the easiest things to transport. in my assembly I will need to take this into consideration and perhaps build in a way to take them apart and assemble them on site. This is something I will need to think more about later but it is definitely worth considering now.

As you may have guessed, this is going to be the most difficult part of this project and has been concerning me the most. when working with the digital we take for granted the ability to constantly edit and change things - not a luxury had when working with physical objects. I am going to need to check and double check my dimensions when cutting the material as I can’t afford to make mistakes.