As my project has developed, it has become clear that it’ll be a bit too resource intensive to run everything on my laptop. For the project I am usually running VDMX to mix and control video, MadMapper for mapping the videos and a projector to display them. For the exhibition however I will need to run yet another projector and my laptop struggles as it is.

To get the video content out of VDMX and into MadMapper, I use syphon which is an open-source technology which allows you to share frames between applications. As you could share between different applications on a laptop, surely you can share between applications on different laptops? Yes, yes you can.

I found another free application called Syphon2NDI which allows you to share a syphon feed over a network. This will allow me to do the video mixing and rendering in VDMX on one laptop, syphon the output over a network and receive it on another machine which will map it to two projectors. With any luck, I’ll be able to borrow a mac from the uni which I can use to power the projectors while VDMX runs on my laptop.