After receiving some feedback on my previous tests and coming up with a few more techniques to try, I went back to resume testing! Again, the notes below are mostly for my reference but feel free to read them.

Style 12 - Increasing compression and frequency

  • Over the course of about 2 minutes, the level of compression and the frequency of glitches increases. This effect is pretty mundane compared to some of the others I have tried, but I definitely think there’s an opportunity for creating something which evolves over time, I just need to think of something more meaningful.

Style 13 - Holomatrix Effect

  • I found a new effect in After Effects which has a great range of random distortions. This was my first render using the effect which does have some quite interesting parts. I like the random compression and colour channel shifts but I don’t think they do what I’ve been looking for. I need to focus more on distorting and playing with the existing form of the sculptures. I also think the displacement glitches need to be more frequent to make it more effective.

Style 14 - Convergence Glitch on me

  • This style uses the convergence glitch occasionally on the Kurt layer so that it isn’t always perfect and can be distorted too. I think glitching the person underneath occasionally makes it seem more a part of the sculpture layer that glitches to reveal it.

Style 15 - AE Glitch on me

  • Similar to style three this adds more distortion and glitching to the Kurt layer but this time straight out of after effects (me glitching 2) rather than a live effect. This one has quite a bit of displacement which works well when the face for example appears somewhere unusual. Due to the complete randomness you never actually know when or if its going to happen and it’s quite disturbing, it’s completely unpredictable for me, let alone someone unfamiliar with the work.

Style 16 - Holomatrix on me

  • As the name suggests, this style applies the holomatrix effect to the Kurt layer for its glitch and distortion effects. They work slightly different to the usual effect ive been using and I think it will commend itself better to this application.

Style 17 - Too many effects

  • This style is basically a culmination of almost everything I have tried. It uses the Style 17 Kurt layer with occasional Convergence effect with reduced opacity, a displacement type glitch layer as well as the Glitch FBO and feedback loop (which also has reduced opacity). In my mind this does everything I wanted the projected to do and more. It is complete and utter chaos yet it is so beautiful and mesmerising to watch. It somehow has more depth to it than other styles. I like how the white sculpture breaks down through glitch to reveal the human behind, but the human too breaks down. It pixelates, it jumps about, it changes colour. It makes you question your reality and rethink your frame of reference when looking at it. It can be quite uncomfortable with what looks like a person stuck within these forms, being crushed, sliced up and smothered by pure digital chaos

Style 17.5 - Too many effects + slower clock + animated opacity

  • This is the result of me playing with some more random settings. I slowed down the clock which randomises the effects so that things happen a little slower. This creates longer moments where the sculpture is mostly calm and still, as well as moments where it is really glitched and chaotic. I also animated the opacity for the feedback loop which created a surprising effect. Occasionally when certain animations align, it creates something which looks like the blocks are dissolving and reveals the person underneath which is fantastic really. It then dissolves back into being white and covers it up. The great thing about this is that so many effects are being triggered at random, its pretty much always something new when it glitches. I think this will come in handy to hold attention at the grad show. Its something you would want to just sit down and watch (which is exactly what im doing at the moment).

General Notes

  • For the image that I map on I think I should wear something colourful and probably wear shorts so that more skin is on show and therefore more ‘human’. I also need to consider my facial expression as its going to be plastered over these three sculptures.
  • As a self reminder - I set out with the intention of glitching sculptures, because sculptures don’t glitch. The sculptures also take the human form, and humans don’t glitch either. I wanted to create an uncomfortable situation where it seems like these physical objects are somehow breaking, distorting in a digital way. This was to be done through appropriating aspects of digital media and applying these ideas - through projection mapping - to physical objects. I wanted it to be crazy, chaotic, yet beautiful and mesmerising.


Coming soon.